The Guys' Guide to Being a Birth Partner: Everything You Need to Plan for Birth and Bring Your Baby Home

Type: Parent Gift
Who’s the man with the kick-ass birth plan? You are!


With all the attention on moms, dads can feel pretty lost in the whole birth and pregnancy thing. The Guys’ Guide to Being a Birth Partner is here to help you out, giving you the info you need to be superstar support for your partner and new baby.

Taking you from the third trimester of pregnancy to going home with your new bundle of joy, this guide to being a birth partner prepares you for the thoughts, feelings, and choices that are part of helping your baby enter the world. How can you and your partner plan ahead for pain management? Why does everyone keep using the word “cervix”? What should you put in your go-bag? Get answers to the questions you’re asking as a birth partner—and those you haven’t thought of yet.

The Guys’ Guide to Being a Birth Partner helps with:

  • Straightforward advice for dads—Cut to the chase with clear guidance for new birth partners—without the wordy medical jargon.
  • The final stretch—Get ready for the big day with essential tips for everything from creating a birth plan to supporting your partner through labor and birth.
  • Now what?—Keep things super simple with plenty of tips for handling those first few days at home so you and your partner can focus on the new baby.


Get ready to knock being a birth partner out of the park.